As far as I can remember back in my childhood, I have been obsessed with art: spending all my free moments drawing trees, animals and trying my best to copy the images from the comic books that my dad would bring home for me. Some of my most vivid memories as a youngster are sitting around flipping through comics from the likes of Paul Ryan and Jack Kirby, and their art had a profound effect on my soul.

The other half of my young life was spent mucking around on my dads 486SX computer.  Most of the time, you could find me trying to master the command line or jacking up my parents phone bill by exploring the local bulletin board systems of New England where I grew up.

Once, in high school, I have a clear memory of asking the counselor if there was a profession out there that would combine my love of art and computers. I was told nothing like that exists. Deep down, I knew this was wrong and have made it my life’s goal to combine the two. Now, every fiber of my self is spent creating art or being an autodidact in the pursuit of all things computer science in order to push the boundaries of digital graphics.